This Fitness Class Run by Ex-Cons now Offers 50% off its first two Classes

Achieve your fitness goals with the Hard Yard - tough training, great people, no gimmicks
Photo credit: The Hard Yard

Ah, the Hard Yard. For those that don’t know (where have you been?) it’s an inspirational  fitness movement that trains and employs ex-offenders to lead tough workouts, all inspired by their own ingenious ways of keeping in shape while inside.

Many ex-cons emerge from prison fitter than they have ever been using minimal equipment. That’s something that could work for all of us.

We first covered the project last year and since then they have gone from strength to strength. Not surprising given the feedback and quality of the workouts. The sense of community about the place – crucial to keeping you focussed, motivated and on track – is another thing that really makes ‘the clan’ tick.

Besides the tough training regime, attending a workout with The Hard Yard is also about social action. Your fees go towards creating training and employment opportunities for ex-offenders who are typically excluded from the job market due to stigma and discrimination. And for double the impact, you can refuel after your session with energy balls (all natural, gluten-free and vegan) made by Bad Boys Bakery – another social enterprise supporting people with convictions to turn their lives around.

But it gets better: sign up to Hard Yard’s mailing List and you get 50% off your first two workouts. Hit up the Hard Yard website  to sign up and source your nearest classes.


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