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Our mission is to make your free time ever more meaningful and beautiful

Vegan ribs @ Canvas Cafe, E1 London – yum!

We at The Good Times are revellers, storytellers, foodies, barflies, lovers of nights out, nature and fun… and we know it is possible to do these things while standing for people, planet and community.

We hang out at venues that share these values and write about them. We’re talking about places like gourmet restaurants that serve incredible meals sourced right from your doorstep… staffed by folks in easy-to-ignore communities.

We’re talking about shared spaces – from undiscovered gig venues with side-programmes for up-and-coming stars, to permaculture clubs that bring a little bit of nature’s magic into everyone’s life.

We break bread with vegans, yogis, fashionistas, designers, rappers creating movements that bring people together to change our communities, cities and our planet for the better. We write about one-woman-shows, pop-up cafes, music, flash-mobs, exhibitions, protests, AI, sports, the many dimensions of ethicalism and positive impact in our time.

We know some of our editorial decisions in this aspect are contentious. That’s good and right, for the dimensions of the good are always, at the margins, in flux. We will always do our best to explain our thinking on a particular item, and be open and transparent with you. And we are always ready for rational debate, whether you agree or not.

The possibilities are amazing. We’ve seen them up close. Each day shows us something new.

We are not despondent about the world in which we live: it’s hard to be when you are surrounded by this much possibility. In that spirit we bring you The Good Times.

Where Can I Find You?

Well, everywhere. We are a community of ethical explorers (we actually invented the term) that is growing all the time and connecting with a unique audience of switched on, purpose-driven millennials.

In journalistic terms, we currently cover LONDON only – but we have big plans to bring our community to cities all over the world.

Wherever we are, we thrive on your tips for the lovely organisations that mean something to you and do something for your community at the same time. Our only criteria are that, in the experience they offer and the people for whom they care, they are truly special. Know of one? Are you one? Then please, get in touch at hello@gotilo.org.

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So, can I say hello?

Of course! Good Times was dreamed up by author and activist Ash (twit: @robinasheem) and consultant and social entrepreneur Adam (twit: @adsglass).

Here’s what we were thinking. We love our cities, we are both born campaigners and activists. Ash wrote a fascinating book on mission-driven millennials, called The Moral Marketplace, and Adam has been advising and developing social enterprises for years. We have an unholy love for social entrepreneurs who  follow their dreams and do amazing things.

There are zillions of strange people out there trying to sell you some ‘ethical’ product via their instagram or wordpress, which they got from a sample-floggin rep. But we noticed that there was nothing out there for people like us, who are less interested in accumulating ‘things’ and more interested in good times and meaningful experiences.

In fact, we were frustrated by the continued failure of mainstream entertainment resources to understand the ‘ethical’ component of what it does. We found existing ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ magazines, review or entertainment sites to be pretty underwhelming in terms of their usefulness when applied to leisure. A carbon spewing journey to an eco-lodge on the other side of the world might be fun, but is it really the best we can do?

It is to outline the majesties, to skewer the hypocrisies, to break the best stories and to bring you the most useful guides and lists to set you on your way that we created this site. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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