About Us

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We are travellers, revellers, storytellers, foodies, barflies, lovers of nights out, nature and fun... and we don't see why we can't be all these things while saving the planet too.

And we're not alone.

All over the world, there are hundreds of people playing with these ideas, creating restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, chill out spots, stores, brands and more that not only offer an experience worthy of a discerning  crowd but also make a difference.

We're talking gourmet restaurants that serve incredible meals sourced right from your doorstep... and change people's lives in the process

Shared spaces - from undiscovered gig venues to permaculture clubs - that give young and old, you, me and everyone we know, a voice

Homely pubs and quirky nightspots where all the takings go to good causes

Celebrities, vegans, yogis: they are all part of this movement.

That's just the beginning - the more you explore the more you push the boundaries of human ingenuity and love - and the more amazing the possibilities.... and we're about sharing them with you, as they were supposed to be shared, so that you might share these amazing experiences with others.



This site is made possible by you, the members of our bottom-up movement. We thrive on your tips for the lovely organisations that mean something to you and do something for your community at the same time. Our only criteria are that, in the experience they offer and the people for whom they care, they are truly special. Know of one?  Then please, get in touch at hello@gotilo.org.

A (Very) Brief History of GOTiLo

GOTiLo was inaugurated by author/activist Asheem Singh (@robinasheem) and social entrepreneur Adam Glass (@adsglass) with an aim to build the ultimate shareable resource for the ethical city explorer.  We were frustrated by the continued failure of mainstream entertainment resources to understand the 'social enterprise' space and found review or directory sites to be generally underwhelming in terms of their accessibility or usefulness. So we  decided to sort this mess out. We began in our home town of London in 2017, but we have ambitious growth plans and hope to bring GOTiLo to your city very soon.

What does GOTiLo mean? We'd like to think with a little effort you can find out, but if you don't know yet be patient and stay involved. Someone in our community will eventually let you in on it...