GOTiLo Is In BETA – But What Does This Mean? A Word About Our Beta Test From Ash and Adam

We have been delighted and humbled by the response to GOTiLo so far - but this is just the beginning!

We created GOTiLo to be the first ethical exploration app for your city. This is the start of what we hope will be a long and exciting journey. At the moment we are in the beta phase and we wanted to take a few moments to explain what that means.

GOTiLo is about having fun and giving back. It is about guiding you towards London’s social enterprises that give you great experiences to share and cherish.

Over the next few months, we will be testing a number of different options for the site that help get this message out, that bring us closer together and that encourage more of us to hang out at the places that do so much for all of us.

This is a period of learning and engagement for us. And we want you to be heavily involved.

The main thing we want is to hear from you.

GOTiLo is a community: it stands or falls when you get participating. That means sharing, commenting, connecting with each other and bringing your locality to life through the events and activities that bring your locality to life.

We will hope to help shape the discussion by running regular surveys and check ins on our features.

We will be changing things up – and we want you to tell us if it works for you or otherwise.

What will not change is our commitment to quality – to share with you experiences that are the best of their kind and that do the best for the rest of us. This is an amazing scene to be part of and we hope you’ll continue share it with your friends, family and more besides.

After the beta test is over, we will take the learnings and get launching! We’ll hold an event where we share stories about some of the amazing people we’ve met, lessons we’ve learned and where we see the app going in future. To register interest for this event please contact

Here’s to lots more #havefungiveback and #ethicalexploration!


Ash and Adam, co-founders, GOTiLo

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