Love film? Then Dalston’s Rio Cinema Needs YOU

Dalston's favourite community cinema is expanding - here's how you can play a part
image credit: wikimedia

Dalston’s Kingsland High Street is home to a wonderful cinema: the Rio. It is one of the capital’s finest movie theatres, with a rich history stretching back over 100 years. Indeed it was one of our city’s first cinemas, showing pictures as early as 1909.

Today, the Rio has an incredible array of showings and events, from Hollywood blockbusters like Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver to art house cult classics. One of my favourite evenings a couple of years back was seeing Asif Kapadia talk about his film Senna. Such a great evening.

Another reason that we at GOTiLo love the Rio is because it is a social enterprise. It is independent, community owned. And now it needs your help.

Per Rio’s crowdfunding page on Spacehive:

We are aiming to raise £150,000. With this we want to create a second screen with around 30 seats in our basement, to give our audiences more choice, enable more film festivals and community events and generate revenue from private hity res. The outside of the building currently looks shabby and tired. We want to undertake some much needed  work, to restore this important architectural landmark in Hackney.



A great cause and the below ticker shows where they’ve got to. Can we help push them on?  If you love having fun and giving back while chowing down on some popcorn then please consider supporting the cause.


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