This is West London’s Upcycling Hub

Petit miracles is transforming vintage furniture, interior spaces - and lives

Petit Miracles produces beautifully upcycled furniture that’s good news for the environment and even better news for local residents struggling to find work.

Have a quick browse of the Petit Miracles website and you’ll find amazing hand restored sofas, desks, chairs, chests of draws, wardrobes and storage cupboards, all ready to be given a loving new home. If you can’t find something to meet your tastes or needs, just drop them an email and they’ll do their best to source it for you.


And if you’re so inspired that you want to give this upcycling stuff a go yourself, Petit Miracles also host all kinds of “how to” events where you’ll get to learn all their restoration secrets… perfect for the IKEA generation who don’t know our lug nuts from our wall plugs. Indeed, I wager that many a struggling relationship could be saved by someone learning to make better use of their power tools (ahem).

But while we love the environmental ethos, it’s actually just a side benefit of the organisation’s wider mission. Petit Miracles is dedicated to helping local residents escape unemployment by turning their talents for craft, DIY and restoration into sustainable work. They provide training that combines traditional craft with entrepreneurship and business skills to help people start their own enterprises.

Part of this mission includes the Petit Miracle Hub: a quite ingenious idea in our opinion. It’s a marketplace for local entrepreneurs – their own unique space where they can showcase and sell their work within Petit Mircales’ retail space at Shepherds Bush’ West 12 Shopping Centre. If you want to support this great project, why not take a look at their current hub members and the products on offer.


And here’s what they say about their inspirational social enterprise:

“we are passionate about utilising peoples’ creativity and skills to create beautiful, yet affordable pieces for the home. We do this whilst helping vulnerable people to change their material circumstances, increasing their employability, learning traditional skills and boosting their self-esteem. Our workshop and retail space provides a community, where participants feel welcome and valued.”

The Petit Miracles store and hub can be found at the West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush.

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