So, The #ZeroWasteSummer Just Became A Thing

Get involved with FareShare's summer programme and sort London's kids out with food and fun

see Here’s a great opportunity to contribute to the fight against food waste this summer and contribute to the creation of a #zerowaste future – while helping London’s kids at the same time.

Finpecia 1mg generic canada FareShare London saves good food from going to waste and takes it to 224 charities and community groups across London. They then turn it into meals for people in need of support. This is the kind of thing and here’s an event of theirs you might like to check out:


People helped include homeless hostels, lunch clubs for older people, domestic violence refuges and children’s breakfast and holiday clubs.

But what about kids? With no access to free school meals during the summer holidays, many low-income families struggle to make their food budgets stretch over the six-week break. And so Fareshare is working to provide food and fun to children in the capital over the summer.

And they need help! It sounds like an absolute blast helping out, having fun, giving back, doing something a little bit different. And if you need more convincing… well here’s a vid that tells you a bit more:

What are you waiting for? Make it a #zerowastesummer. Apply online HERE


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    […] So, The #ZeroWasteSummer Just Became A Thing […]

  • AndrewalaRa
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