6 Amazing Vegan Cooking Classes Across London This Month

At GoodTimes we are delighted with the growing love for all things vegan. And with our usual brio we wanted to bring you a curated despatch from the more creative end of the movement.

After all, eating out is great, but it’s also fun to learn how to do it yourself, in a class, with others.

And so: here we separate out the (non-dairy) cream of the crop: 6 of our favourite vegan cookery classes taking place in London this month. We’ve given you all at least a week’s notice and you can sign up to any of them via the links below. Happy cooking!

1. Create Perfect Vegan Dumpling Dim Sum

Learn how to use fresh, local and organic ingredients to make yummy oriental dumplings.
The class, run by oriental cooking expert Janncy, begins with a short introduction about dumpling culture while drinking Chinese tea. Then it’s a wonderful two hours of hands-on dumpling-making covering everything you need to know about making dumplings.

You can choose different kinds of dumplings in one class and make 14+ handmade dumplings from scratch to take home such as Green Hulk (spinach, carrot, tofu filling and Miss Bunny (carrot, pea, corn, potato filling with a curry flavour). Recipe notes are provided after class.

2. Turn a Box of Fresh Veg from Riverford Organic Farm into a Vegan Feast

This two-hour, hands-on cooking classes will give you ample veg inspiration. You’ll turn a brimming box of veg, fresh from the Riverford farm, into an inspirational organic feast.
From farm to food: this is the class for you. Get stuck in, learn lots of essential skills – such as the best way to slice greens and segment citrus, and how to make sure your onions never catch in the pan.

You’ll leave inspired to cook with a veg box at home.

It’s very relaxed – people of all abilities are welcome, and the classes are small to give plenty of chance for questions and individual guidance. After the class, participants sit down to enjoy the meal over a glass of organic wine or beer.

Places are £25, for the class, an organic dinner and a drink. Reserve your spot now.

3. Become A Vegan Bao Master In 2 Hours

Who doesn’t love bao? Probably one of the greatest foods in the world. Now it gets given the vegan treatment.
We’re in awe of the ever creative Janncy, who here teaches you how to use fresh vegetable juice and ingredients to make authentic Shanghai Shengjianbao.

This class begins with a short introduction about shengjianbao culture while drinking Chinese tea. Then it’s 2 hours in hands-on covering everything you need to know, making bao by hand from scratch to take home. Whethere it’s white Bao – 高麗菜包 Pointed spring cabbage with onion, carrot and glass noodle – or Red Bao – Kimchi with courgettes – it’s a feast for the eyes and senses.

Make sure you specify that you are going for the vegan option before hand as Janncy teaches omnivores how to cook bao too. Reserve your place here.

4. Vegan Molecular Tapas: Go all Heston Blumenthal with a Harvard Food Chemist and Cook

If you are looking for an ordinary cookery class, this is not for you.
David is the founder of Pencil & Fork Ltd “Learning experiences through food,” a Chemist certified by Harvard University in Science and Cooking. Having worked and lived in Spain, France, Chile, the US and now the UK, he is all about molecular gastronomy and delicious tapas treats.

Molecular gastronomy blends physics and chemistry to transform the taste and texture of food. Think Heston Blumenthal without the duck fat. The result? New and innovative culinary experiences.

In this tapas dinner workshop David takes creativity to new levels, experimenting with new ingredients, transforming the textures of ordinary food into the extraordinary.
After this class, you can too. Learn how to make airs, foams, hot and cold gels, without missing any flavour.

5. Flavour country: The Indian Vegetarian and Vegan Street Food Workshop

This cookery class focuses on teaching healthy, delicious and balanced meals using simple and traditional techniques. Indian cooking is about the correct use of spices; when, why and how to use them to get great taste and their benefits while cooking.

Pro Indian gourmand Reeta introduces of Indian spices, herbs and lentils and different flours; India boasts an eclectic and delicious array of street foods.

Indian street food is easy to make and provides incredible snacking options, or can even be served as a main meal for the family. You learn to combine the sensational hot, sweet and spicy flavours and the crisp and silky textures in this fun, hands-on class.

This is an ongoing feast for the senses. The range of foods you learn how to cook are quite incredible. There is tasty bhelpuri (made of puffed rice, vegetables, a tangy tamarind sauce and hot chutney… Bhel is often identified with the beaches of Mumbai); Sev poori (crisp flour biscuits topped with potatoes, chutneys, yoghurt or soya yogurt); Aloo Tikki Chaat (Potato cakes with a spicy chickpea curry  and chutneys); Fruit Chaat (fruit salad with Indian spices) and chutneys. All recipes are provided

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