If you are a coffee lover, of course, you swear by the taste of freshly brewed aromatic coffee. If there is a drink which deserves to be called an elixir that makes your hectic workday a cakewalk and your social gatherings far more enjoyable, it is coffee. A true coffee lover would vouch by the taste and flavor of freshly brewed coffee. No instant coffee can beat the taste of a fresh brew.

Coffee is one of the healthiest drinks one can have, but it is the fresh brew that can give you the maximum advantages that coffee has to offer. It is full of antioxidants and minerals. The factory process of making instant coffee leads to a difference in the contents as well as the flavor.

Can You Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker?

If you are a coffee fan and want to brew your own cup you already know that a manually brewed coffee is wonderful. But you have to use strainers/filters. Besides, it’s time-consuming and cumbersome. If you want freshly brewed coffee without the pain, a coffee-maker is the answer. And, remember, the way you brew your coffee says something about you, so this is a very important choice.

Types of Coffee Makers:

If planning to buy a coffee maker, it would help to know the various types available in the market, so that you can select the one that suits your requirements the best.

1. Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Just add ground coffee and fill up water. Switch on, the machine will do the rest for you. It is perfect for offices and for late risers who need their shot of coffee to really wake up!

2. French Press

It is more popular outside the USA. A French press uses coarsely ground coffee soaked in water pushed by a plunger to extract the brew. The soaking time can be selected as per user preference. It is easily portable and does not require a cooktop.

3. Vac Pot/Vacuum Coffee Maker

They look like laboratory apparatus and made of glass. So, of course, need careful handling. If you are really ready to go to lengths for a very, very special cup of coffee, have the requisite patience and time then the Vac Pot is for you. The technique retains essential oils in the coffee and the process is interesting to watch too.

4. Cone Coffee Makers

It’s just the regular flat bottomed filter with a conical shape. The shape makes sure all the water filters through the coffee powder. Naturally, the resultant brew is stronger. If paper filters are used, there is no scope of the filter falling and spillage.

5. Stovetop Coffee Makers

Of course, they are for the coffee enthusiast to use at home. It has three different parts – the lower holds water, the middle holds the coffee powder and the top carafe holds the brew. You have to fill water and ground coffee in the respective containers, assemble the coffee maker and put it on the stove. Wait till all the water from the bottom percolates to the carafe through the coffee.

6. Espresso Coffee Maker

That’s your thing if you want to be your own Barista. These machines pass hot water through the coffee powder to make your cup. Easy to use, they are available in automatic and semi-automatic variants.

7. Turkish Coffee Maker

It is probably the simplest of all. The technique of making coffee is as old as it can get.
Just add fine coffee powder and water to the pot and bring it to a boil. Let cool for a couple of seconds and let it come to boil once again. Repeat if desired. You have a thick brew ready.

8. Cold Brew Coffee Makers

They are extremely convenient to use. Besides the brew is less acidic and smoother. You can also store it in the fridge. The brew takes longer to prepare – up to 12 hours but the advantage is you can stock it. You can have it hot or cold.

9. Percolator

If you are a coffee fan who camps often, the good old percolator is your friend to ensure you get your coffee even in the wilderness of your campsite.

10. Aeropress

Aeropress is a lot like the French Press with some differences. If you like to experiment with your coffee in terms of proportions of water and coffee powder and temperature and brewing time, Aeropress would be just right for you. The problem is, you can brew only one cup at a time.

11. Drip Coffee Maker

These are meant for those who like filter coffee. Hot water is used and the machine uses paper/metal/plastic filters to separate the brew. Some combo coffee makers with a grinder are available too.

If shopping for a coffee maker, this gives you a fair idea of the different types available in the market. Depending on the brewing technique you like the most, you can select a particular type.

Some other factors you should consider are

1. The Capacity Required

Most of these are available in a single cup to bigger capacity variants. Consider how many cups you need to brew every day in general.

2. Long Term Cost

You may have to keep buying refills/filters as you use the machine. Give a good thought to the running cost.

3. Ease of Maintenance

Can it go into the dishwasher? If not, are you ready to clean it every day?


Are you comfortable handling it? Does it fit in your kitchen, aesthetically and practically?

5. Time required

How long does it take to make the coffee? Here very often you have to select a tradeoff between time and taste.

6. Availability

Check if your preferred choice is available in shops near you or online. Compare prices.

Just give all this a good thought and surely you will buy a coffee maker that’s just right for you.…